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We are prepareted to satisfy all your needs and wishes offering
not only the usual services offered by a travel agency but also
specializated personal advice:

our holidays and tours are made to measure designed to meet all your desires.

Despacito Tour follows you from your choice of destination and prepars all the detailles
offering the best prices on the market.

How can we do this?
We collaborate with all the main tour operators to have the best proposals.

What are you waiting for?

Despacito Tour - Matteo Bertolotti

Bertolotti Matteo
Despacito Tour's Creator

“Every trip you do, you experience it three times: when you dream it, when you live it and when you remember it”


Hello, my name’s Matteo. My great passion for travelling began when I was very young. I always try to travel as much as possible: for me, the discovery of the world is an essential part of my life .

I decided to create this new model of travel agency because I’m sure that there’s an ideal way between using only internet or just offline. I choice to purpose to the others what I’ve been doing in all my life.

I must say this kind of directly manage’s way is working very well.
Very often, today, people don’t have time to plane everythings online and sometimes they don’t have good experences.

I work hard to garanty the best for my clients and I often see the places where they go on holiday!

I have a university degree in geography and also several tour guide’s certificates; I want to continue to this road to wards specializations to offer to my clients the best of this wonderful world.

Despacito Tour - Certificazioni
Despacito Tour - Attestato accompagnatore turistico
Bertolotti Matteo - Accompagnatore Turistico - Despacito Tour

Would you like any advice?

A seaside like this is hard to find. Believe me!
Fortunately, theese areas are not very known as tourist attractions…
but I can garanty that in the next 3 years they will be one of the most important tourist destinations.

I know very well theese places and I can say that the quality of the life and the hospitality of the people are unique.

All for an incredible and reasonable price.

Would you like some informations?

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